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  1. "Goaltending is 75 percent of the game unless you don't have it, then it's 100 percent."
  2. Marleau ties it up with the goaler out.
  3. How does Detroit have a better PP than us? Fuck me.
  4. Marner gets called for tripping after playing the puck first. Matthews gets tripped on his way to the puck, no call.
  5. Why is Rielly back with Hainsey? Stop that.
  6. Much better PP. Matthews is looking good as heck.
  7. Well, they look terrible so far, so that's good.
  8. Leafs acquire Jake Muzzin

    I read a model that pretty much laid out that after about pick 12 first rounders are worth as much as about an average 2nd round pick. Maybe it was like pick 15.
  9. Leafs acquire Jake Muzzin

    What was Durzu's ceiling projected at? Grundstrom was probably gonna be a bottom 6 guy, and that 1st is the same as an average 2nd rounder because it's so late. Price tag doesn't seem super high to me.
  10. Leafs acquire Jake Muzzin

    Hmmm, I think this is good. Right? He's declining slightly it looks like, but it also still looks pretty good. Low cap hit, only one more year.
  11. For the most part the Leafs weren't playing bad. Sitting your 2nd or 3rd best Dman doesn't help you in any way.