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  2. Blue Jays offseason 2018-19

    Mike Mussina doing the same thing.
  3. Never been a Gardiner fan but aside from a couple games lately I have tolerated his game. Zaitsev may not be worth what they are paying him but for the most part I like his game too. I prefer either over Marincin . I see the Leafs keeping Jake for a playoff run and cut him loose after season over.
  4. Get Jake away from Nikita and we're fine
  5. There are at least 3 defensemen on this team consistantly worse than Gardiner.
  6. For the most part the Leafs weren't playing bad. Sitting your 2nd or 3rd best Dman doesn't help you in any way.
  7. Why not? (not to be argumentative) poor run of games with the lad in, take him out. We start playing better.
  8. Good game, would you keep Gardiner out of the side? We've been playing better without him.
  9. Lol. Now that Willy's on the scoresheet it's his best game of the year. Jesus, he's been driving the same possesion and chances for the last 15 games. Someone finally finished for him. Glad they won. Only caught some of the 1st and most of the 3rd, but they looked good. As long as Brian Burke is happy.
  10. Yes. Willy with a good effort. Line changes working tonight. Boys can go into the break with a smile.
  11. Blue Jays offseason 2018-19

    I know this is a Jays thread but... EDGAR!
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